The Surface of Mars


Mars Buttfield-Addison (née Geldard) is a Software Engineer and Data Scientist from Down Under in Tasmania. Entering the world of technology relatively late as a mature-aged student, she has found her place in the world: an industry where she can apply her lifelong love of mathematics and optimisation.

When she is not busy being the most annoyingly eager PhD candidate ever at the University of Tasmania (UTAS)--investigating the use of Machine Learning to improve Space Situational Awareness--she compulsively volunteers at industry events, tutors, hikes around in the wilderness, dabbles in research, builds Game of Thrones in Minecraft and serves on the national Executive Council of the AUC. In the time she has left she wrote a book.

For professional information please see her resume.

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Note: none upcoming, including some cancellations of already scheduled events, due to COVID

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King's Landing in Minecraft